01 August 2011

July Unbookening

Nick Bilton writes in the New York Times about jettisoning 80 percent of his books before a cross-country move. He cops to buying about 50 books a year (I'm at, oh, maybe 20 now? just guessing) but says e-readers have been his primary delivery device for several years, which made the decision easier. But still!!!

Bought 5 books (1 on Kindle)
Checked out 9 from the library
Received 5 to review
Won 1 in a giveaway (I know!!)
20 in

Donated 9
Returned 6 to library
Gave away 2
17 out

Overall for the year I have a negative balance (because why even have a blog if you can't look up meaningless self-statistics like that?) Yet my shelf space says otherwise. And I got a lot of reading done this month. If I can't make it happen under those circumstances... Or I could stop using the library, but that will never happen.

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