15 May 2005

Blog FAQ

What makes you think you can do something like this?
Sheer bravado. That, and I’m an avid reader to begin with.

Aren’t you missing out on these classics entirely by trying to read them in a hurry?
It’s probable, but I hope that the ones I really like I will be able to go back to and savor. Besides, given an unlimited amount of time, I probably would never finish the list, because it would expand to fill the time allotted.

How are you going to find all those books?
I like libraries, so I’m going to use those primarily and bookstores only if necessary. I would love to support the book industry by buying all of these in hardcover -- perhaps even in the Modern Library editions! -- but I am a student with a limited access to funds and buying all of those just isn’t feasible. I am currently a card-carrying member of three libraries, the Eastern Shores Library System, the New York Public Library and the Emmaus Public Library. If all those fail, there are always inter-library loans. I have also gotten a fair amount of these books from BookMooch which I highly recommend.

Are you being sponsored by the Modern Library?
Oh, do I wish! It would certainly make getting hold of the books easier. No, I am not affiliated with the Modern Library, Random House, or any other backing institution.

So what do you do besides reading?
I'm a writer, editor and published poet living in New York City. I love going to plays, coffee-shop hopping, traveling, finishing 5Ks, soup, snow peas, the outdoors, talking and not talking...

I want to do it with you!
Super. Would love to follow along either by e-mail or on your own blog. Drop me a line.

Any other questions, comments, complaints: e-mail lnvsml (at) gmail (dot) com.

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