12 August 2011

Reading on the Road: RIP Midwest Airlines Edition

The airline I used to fly on 80 percent of my trips home was purchased and is being slowly unbranded, replaced by... this.
  • Tom Perrotta, THE LEFTOVERS (review)
  • Amor Towles, RULES OF CIVILITY
  • Douglas Preston, THE MONSTER OF FLORENCE

I hope someone told that wolf the birchbark doesn't hide anything.


    Wade Garrett said...

    That plane is aviation's answer to the "three wolves" t-shirt.

    Marjorie said...

    I like Frontier. Every plane has a different animal and they always tell you each animal's name! Also, chocolate chip cookies.

    Ellen said...

    Marjorie: So that's why they kept talking about a "lynx kitten" on my flight! It was always, "the flight crew, the captain and AJ the lynx kitten." Also, I think they appropriated the chocolate-chip cookies bit from Midwest : (

    Wade: I saw a guy wearing that shirt at the laundromat the other day, and it made me so happy. So, so happy.

    jess s said...

    Whatever, that wolf plane is FREAKING AWESOME!

    Ellen said...

    OK, I get it, everybody likes the animals, so I report that my flight back was sponsored by (mascotted by?) "BJ the ram." I assume the flight I was supposed to take the day before, which was canceled after I had been at the airport for 5 hours, was mascotted by "Ferguson the Roadkill Possum" or "Philbert the Worm Baking To Death On The Road" or "Sorry The Bad Cat."