02 August 2011

Hemingway would probably have gone to the theatre more if there were bullfighters.

Elevator Repair Service, the New York theatre company who adapted the entire first section of THE SOUND AND THE FURY onstage, will be back for what is billed as its final installment in the great American literature series with their adaptation of THE SUN ALSO RISES this fall. I know I've read THE SUN ALSO RISES but it took me a while to think about whether I liked it or not; I think I liked the book itself, not so much the common interpretation of what it's about as a stray scornful comment here would indicate. (Because why do I even have a blog, etc.) I guess I'm due for a re-read earlier than expected.


Elizabeth said...

I hear that while THE GREAT GATSBY isn't the best book ever, one walks out of Elevator Repair Service's production of it thinking that it is.

Ellen said...

Also what I heard. I was dying to get tickets but they were gone in an instant when they performed it at the Public. I made it to the Faulkner one, though, and that was pretty spectacular.