14 August 2011

This just about killed me.

"I'm sorry, Buddy. I don't think this is a good idea."
"Why not? Don't you like me?"
"I got involved with a friend once before. It was a disaster."
"We're different," I said.
She chose that moment to open the refrigerator door and take out a bottle of Pepsi.
"Please," she said. The bottle made a kissing noise as she twisted the cap. "Let's just forget this happened."
--Tom Perrotta, "Just The Way We Were" (from BAD HAIRCUT: STORIES OF THE SEVENTIES)

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Wade Garrett said...

Bad Haircut is very good - its probably my favorite book by Tom Perrotta, up there with Joe College. It totally nails those awkward little moments, without over-playing anything for effect.