17 July 2014

Would you Netflix your books?

Rumor has it Amazon is launching a "Kindle Unlimited" service that allows free monthly access to all Prime titles. Any Amazon Prime subscribers want to give me an idea of how extensive that library is? 'Cause whoa

10 July 2014

Filmbook-to-Be: "Wild" (2014) first trailer

I'm cautiously optimistic about this even though I really didn't like Jean-Marc Vallee's last movie "Dallas Buyers Club." (Is it OK yet to admit that? Oh, well.) That's Nick Hornby on the script, Reese Witherspoon as the driving force and star, Laura Dern as Strayed's mother and Michiel Huisman in a supporting role because he has to be in every film project now.

08 July 2014

Because it's best to have goals

Dear Activate Apparel: if you make "work out" two words, I will buy this shirt and I know at least 2 other people who will as well.

07 July 2014


Not surprising, it was the top selling Kindle book of 2014 so far, but surpassed by Veronica Roth's DIVERGENT which was the top selling book overall. Despite some critics' best efforts (joking, but not) THE GOLDFINCH rang in as the 20th best selling book overall, #5 on the Amazon Kindle list.