05 August 2011

Filmbook: Where will you be for THE HELPocalpyse?

Reports are leaking of advance screenings of "The Help," the Emma Stone-/ Viola Davis-starring adaptation of the book everybody's book club read already. I wasn't invited to one of these, because life is pain, Highness, and anyone who tries to tell you otherwise is selling something -- but I will probably go under my own steam. I like Emma Stone a lot, and I'm curious as I am with most adaptations.

If possible I will take my mom, who also didn't like the book (like me) and whose taste in movies apart from the garden-variety romantic comedy is somewhat unpredictable. (Loved "Knocked Up" but hated "Bridesmaids" -- for example.) She is neither excited for this, nor for the following week's marquee adaptation release "One Day" based on the David Nicholls book I also didn't like. (Now is the summer of our discontent!) I think at this point she's just waiting for "Grey's Anatomy" to come back. But in case you hear a loud cackling sound next week and plus a few hours, that's what's going on.

All the sneak preview reviews I've read have been glowingly positive, but that likely says less about the movie itself than who the studio is inviting, i.e. not spiteful little stubs like the management of this here blog. But is there truly anything Viola Davis can't ennoble? Well, almost.

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