31 July 2011

"Nabokov is my favorite writer, but in that same vein I also love Martin Amis. He aspired to be a young Nabokov. At least in the early days, he wrote with such fire, right up through The Information. Sam Lipsyte, who teaches at Columbia, is another favorite. His characters are dour and miserable. My taste in books is really different from my taste in songs. If you applied my taste in books to songs, I would like songs with someone soloing virtuously the entire way. A song that makes no sense at all. I like to read writers who are adept at their use of language, like the way Nabokov invents words all the time. I love writers who are challenging with words more than I love a good story."
- Chris Collingwood of Fountains of Wayne, Writersonprocess.com. Fountains of Wayne's new album "Sky Full Of Holes" is out Tuesday.

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