25 August 2011

Hurricane Preparation For Nerds

Edited for typos and to add punctuation.

ME: that is my plan -- make a thermos, get some books, hunker down
COWORKER: I have another 500 pgs of GAME OF THRONES to plow through
ME: ahahahaha. You're all set then.
COWORKER: yep. And when I'm done w/ that I can read the next book in the series
which is probably like 800 something [pages]. As long as my Kindle doesn't die...
ME: oh nooo. You can't rely on it. Paperbacks my friend!
COWORKER: I have a few at home to get through as well. Not as exciting but if i must... when in doubt... I could reread the entire HARRY POTTER series...
ME: a few?! I thought you were a nerd
COWORKER: Yea but all my books are home on Long Island, not in my tiny apt
ME: :(
COWORKER: for real
ME: I'm blogging all this. It's ok, I will hide your name so no one has to know you are reading George RR Martin
COWORKER: haha, I look forward to reading it. WINTER IS COMING. Also rain.

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