28 September 2011

Housing Works Books Groupon Haulblog

Originally purchased in April. And yes, I zeroed out at exactly the Groupon price because I am a champion.

  • Michael Ondaatje, THE ENGLISH PATIENT
  • John Jeremiah Sullivan, PULPHEAD
  • Laura Lippmann, I'D KNOW YOU ANYWHERE 
  • David Foster Wallace, OBLIVION


Elizabeth said...

My (now) sister-in-law's cousins (does that make them my cousins?) visited up north this summer. My grandfather gave the six-year-old two dollars with which to buy candy at the boat gas station, and I was quite impressed with his ability to both maximize the variety of candy for his two dollars and to not have a penny leftover.

How much more impressive, then, to exactly spend $25, rather than just $2, and on objects that cost a lot more than gumballs.

Are these packing skills transferable to Tetris?

Also, good work on redeeming your Groupon before the expiration date. (The pre-wedding lunch in Dearborn was on the last day before the Groupon expired, but rumors that the wedding date was also chosen because the Teacup Weddings Groupon was about to expire were greatly exaggerated.)

Ellen said...

I haven't played Tetris in so long!

In truth, to make the Groupon I sat at a table with about 8 books and made up various combinations that would add up right. And I definitely could have stretched my dollars further if I had seen more stuff that looked good on the 50-cent and $1 carts, but the pickings were a little slim and I had to go buy lunch and get back to the office.

All hail the lowly but massively entertaining Groupon. I also cashed in one to go mini-golfing this week (yes, within the 5 boroughs).

Wade Garrett said...

I like that they send you reminder e-mails. I have a habit of saying "that place is in Park Slope? Sure, I'll grab it" and then saying, wait, how many gourmet burgers am I going to eat in the next couple of months?