03 September 2011

August Unbookening With Special Guest Endorsement

"I now fully realize the value of and will never snark at you ever again when you do this: de-booking." (From a special correspondent who was moving earlier this year.) These are words that warm hearts, folks.

Well, it's good that I can set a good example at least 'cause I sure didn't do any better this month:

Borrowed from a friend: 2
Got to review: 6
Checked out of the library: 6
Brought from home: 1
Bought: 6
Received from Bookmooch: 1
22 in

Lent to a friend: 1
Checked in: 8
Donated: 8
17 out

I feel like I have to make this post worthwhile for the 1.64 of you checking in on a holiday weekend. (Hey, I'm not judging! I didn't go anywhere.) So okay, blogging preview, I am now the proud owner-borrower of all 3 volumes of the HUNGER GAMES series. Yes, soon we will all understand what all the fuss is about, or we will go away unsatisfied -- but definitely one of those two things will occur. Thanks for reading.


Peter Knox said...

I devoured all 3 Hunger Games in a week and enjoyed the ride. You will too.

The Ghost Of Roberto Bolano said...

That guest commenter knows what's up, he made sure to save 2666 for his move though.

Not much going on in the afterlife, Rimbaud is more boring than I would have thought so I spend most of my time with David Foster Wallace getting my ass handed to me in Scrabble.

Ellen said...

@Peter: That's pretty much what everyone has told me. I'm looking forward to it.

@The Ghost Of...: Ahahahaha.

Anonymous said...

I loved all 3 Hunger Games books on CD! ~Jen