25 September 2011

Two Times stories of note

Here's a story for you NETHERLAND readers: "Tribute in White for Cricket Patriarch." (Joseph O'Neill if you're reading this, go write another book. Spit spot.)

And here's one for the nosy: "Snooping in the Age of eBook." Hint: Lean over a little and train your eyes on the place you believe the title to be on the screen. If caught, just look away and feign innocence. (What?) Luckily, I don't know anyone who's 100-percent switched over to e-books.

New Yorkers, don't forget the Housing Works Street Fair today.

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Wade Garrett said...

I picked up a few good things - Hornby, Saramago, McMurtry's Lonesome Dove, and book's by Michael Lewis and Bill Bradley. Their selection was much smaller than the summer book fair's was.