14 September 2011

Short Reviews Of Recent Memoirs

  • Jason Mulgrew, EVERYTHING IS WRONG WITH ME: Where's the book by this dude's dad? Because that guy, as described here, should not be alive.
  • Rick Moody, THE BLACK VEIL: "And to this day, I'm still addicted to italics." 
  • Hilary Winston, MY BOYFRIEND WROTE A BOOK ABOUT ME: Better and funnier without him. (Eventually.)
  • Caitlin Shetterly, MADE FOR YOU AND ME: "My husband, kid and I had to move back in with my mom which proves the American Dream has gone missing. But at least I didn't get fat!
  • Misha Glouberman and Sheila Heti, THE CHAIRS ARE WHERE THE PEOPLE GO: 100% pure mansplain. 


Saint Mooney said...

In re: "The Chairs..."

FUCKING THANK YOU! I needed that word, because as I was reading it, especially that infurating chapter about Toronto zoning, I thought to myself, "who honestly thinks this is provocative stuff? Who hasn't thought about these exact ideas or issues in the exact same way?" I then realized: no one, but a straight white man needs to 'splain it to me again! I do not use the one-star on Goodreads lightly. That book infuriated me. I need a mocktail.

Peter Knox said...

Re Mulgrew

Seriously. I enjoyed the tidbits about Jason's life but it seemed as though the real stories centered around his dad the whole time.