18 September 2011

I'm at the Brooklyn Book Festival all day today, and if you want to know more about that you had best find me on Twitter. Updates will be more frequent than usual, but judicious. (Sidebar: This is my first "hometown" festival, which I note so I can have A Moment about it later, but I'll say... so far, so good. Although last weekend someone referred to me as "making the trek" from Brooklyn to East 19th Street, which was hilarious. All the way where?!)

In case you need diversion, I recommend Julie Klausner's recent interview with David Rakoff on her podcast "How Was Your Week?" in which he talks about his beginnings as a writer. You can stream it from this page directly (it's the episode "Shelf of Justice").

Also, congratulations to BUNNICULA author James Howe on his marriage.

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