25 September 2009

Mamet to Disney: That's who I am, and you're nothing.

Hey, remember when David Mamet was announced to be adapting THE DIARY OF ANNE FRANK for Disney, and we all laughed? Vegas marriage, Reno divorce: Sources say Disney is severing ties because the script he turned in was too "intense" for their purposes. Apparently they didn't like the climactic scene in which Anne shouts, "Nothing's black and white? Nothing's black and white? ... What about a Nazi?"

New Yorkers, there is a shitload of Mamet onstage this fall: "Oleanna" on Broadway and two one-acts off-Broadway now and the world premiere of "Race" (with James Spader and Kerry Washington) in November. He's also rumored to be working on the screenplay for "The Prince of Providence," the adaptation of Mike Stanton's book about Operation Plunder Dome. As a former Providentian, I have very high expectations for that project.

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