21 September 2009

Finite Summer

"Choosing Gertraude to love as my wife was necessary for the others, these other choices. Without the choice of her life there are no other choices. I tried leaving at the commencement. I got only very few revolutions of the fauteuil."

--Remy Marathe

"It's obvious everything's pointing towards getting you in a cell belting out Mermanalia."

--Michael Pemulis

I finished last night. I'm confused about the ending, but sorry that it's all over.

ETA 9/22: In catching up on
IJ blogs and whatnot, I have found a pretty convincing explanation of what happens at the end, which I will link to in the next sentence even though it is purposefully spoilery. You have been warned: the ending of the book is discussed in detail. More about the ending in a general sense later.

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