12 August 2009

If I had to hide in a secret annex, I'd be swearing too.

This has to be fake, right? But since it's in Variety -- Disney just greenlit a new adaptation of THE DIARY OF ANNE FRANK, to be written and directed by David F. Mamet. The tasteless jokes just write themselves.

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Wade Garrett said...

In a way, I am glad to hear that David Mamet is the director. If all I had heard was that Disney was going to adopt The Diary of Anne Frank, I would have been worried that they would give her a couple of cute animal sidekicks (one sarcastic and wordly, the other naive and optimistic), had her family survive and make it to America, where she becomes the first woman to play professional baseball and hits a game-winning homerun in the 9th inning to help the Jew-friendly Brooklyn Dodgers beat the New York Yankees and their Aryan pitching staff. Or something.