25 September 2009

The Autumn of Dick

A couple weeks ago I wrote about some group reading projects that I wasn't doing. Well, here's one I am doing, and you should too.

My blogmigos over at Common Sense Dancing are tackling Herman Melville's classic MOBY DICK for an Infinite Summer-inspired project beginning October 1st called the Autumn of Dick. Head over there now for the schedule and thereafter for Sunday discussion posts and hardtack. It's 50-60 pages a week, fewer than INFINITE JEST (and depending on your edition, fewer footnotes!)

To be fair, I have already read MOBY DICK once, so in theory it shouldn't be as difficult this time. In theory. But I think it's worth revisiting regardless.

Undermining the project with adorable crochet work: cristina_r_t


Wade Garrett said...

Where'd you find that picture? I love it!

Its good to have you aboard. If all goes well, we should finish Moby Dick a week or two before the 2666 project begins. I'm looking forward to it.

Ellen said...

I searched for "white whale" on Flickr, and yes, there are more in that series.