16 September 2009

Rainy September

A blogger called Editorial Ass is leading a group read of GRAVITY'S RAINBOW beginning this week. Surf on over to get the full details and sign up.

Much as I cannot resist ambitious reading projects and the chance to knock off another major book I have never read, I am more on the fence with this one than usual. First, I am not done with INFINITE JEST yet, and fear that if I put both of those books on my nightstand together they might spontaneously combust. Second, I'm readying my pick for Wrapped Up in Books which goes up in less than a week. Third, once I do those two things I have a lot of other reading to get to which I've been putting off, as my sedimentary nightstand ought to attest. But if you sign up, let me know how it goes.

ETA: The folks behind Infinite Summer have also announced their next group read; it's DRACULA for October. I think I'll jump in for their not-officially-confirmed next pick of 2666 in January, but again: if you sign up, let me know how it goes!


Wade Garrett said...

Is my Moby Dick idea being pre-empted? DAMN! I've read Gravity's Rainbow and honestly do not see what the big deal is; if I am to read it again, it would only be as part of something like this. I'm entirely on board with 2666, though.

Ellen said...

Well, neither one has the momentum of Infinite Summer behind it, so it's not necessarily a pre-empt, unless the people you were organizing have already taken sides.

Wade Garrett said...

Honestly, I have a hard time imagining Gravity's Rainbow catching on. Yes, it is a long novel with a cult following, but it doesn't have the accessability or charm of Gravity's Rainbow, and I can't imagine that its on as many "I've always wanted to read it but just haven't gotten around ot it" lists as War and Peace or Moby Dick. But we'll see.