22 November 2009

Sesame Street Sunday

Lazyblogging, I know, but I just saw on Twitter that the Brooklyn Public Library is hosting a 40th-anniversary exhibit on the show which just opened last weekend. The show has been teaching kids to read for 40 years and the West Coast bureau and I can't be the only ones who have near-photographic memory (videographic?) of these snippets given how many people have tried to set them to rap songs and so on.

And now, a few favorite videos.

Bert and Ernie's rhyming game:

"Ma! There's an alligator in my room!"

The Yip Yips discover the telephone:

Cowboy X

Smokey Robinson being groped by the letter U (because even though I posted it before, it is just so unsettling and would never make it into a children's show today):

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