03 November 2009

Seen on the subway this morning

Frankly, this is too far:
According to thisnonbritluvslit on Amazon, MR. DARCY, VAMPYRE follows Darcy and Elizabeth as they "travel around Europe meeting Darcy's vampy friends" without her knowing he's a vampire. Her review compares it unfavorably to that vampire book which must not be named and adds, "The only suspenseful thing in the whole story is waiting for Darcy to consummate his marriage. Even that got old after a while."

However, as a silver lining I discovered while looking up a review that someone has written the inevitable mash-up, THE VAMPIRE IS JUST NOT THAT INTO YOU. I don't need to read it, the title pretty much says it all.


Elizabeth said...

But...but Elizabeth is smart! She'll figure it out!

Wade Garrett said...

Ugh. How many trends is it possible to piggyback on to at the same time?

nikki said...

"Waiting for Darcy to consummate his marriage"?