03 November 2009

"I was reluctant to admit that, at the age of 21, my inner life was a whirlwind of giant sand-serpents the size of highways eating their way through the early American Midwest and passing unruffled children who could see the wind; they in turn accompanied by their magical lion guides; and all of them looking for intelligent rodents performing stunts on miniature vehicles in the back cabinets of the homes of Russian peasants. The whole time a soundtrack from naiads singing from the sea's rocks, burning Chinese pictographs written in fire in the air over their heads. It was all a mystery no two brother detectives, also lost in there, might unravel. What could come out after what had gone in?"
--From Alexander Chee's "You Write What You Read." Any author could tackle this subject and they would all be incredible, but I had never heard of Mr. Chee's work before and now I'd really like to know more.

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