09 June 2011

Spotted on the subway

Thirtysomething man, '90s haircut, burgundy polo shirt, brown Coach leather tote bag or satchel of some kind. But I didn't see the cover you see here because he was reading on the white Nook (black and white, not color).

I haven't had the chance to play with one of those yet, but from up close (my nose poking over my own book, which was Kate Christensen's THE ASTRAL) it looks a lot like a Kindle, but white and with the wheel or round click-button.

From what I've heard, people normally elect Nook over Kindle for the ability to take it into a brick-and-mortar store. I certainly don't mind spending time in Barnes & Noble, but I haven't had a problem thus far with my Kindle that I couldn't solve by Googling. (That's how I learned to take the battery plate off... and in fact that the Kindle had a battery plate in the first place.) Still, it strikes me that B&N could do more to capitalize on the bookstore-online relationship where the Nook is concerned, to make it a viable alternative.

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