05 June 2011

La la la, Unbookening can't hear you, Unbookening's at the Housing Works Street Fair

(Or will be after brunch. It's till 6PM in SoHo! Beer and ice cream for sale! Not afraid to be servicey!)

Received 1 book as a gift
Checked out 7 from the library
Got 5 to review
Bought 2
15 in 

Gave 1 away
Donated 4
Returned 6 to the library
Deleted 7 books off Kindle
18 out

This month's quandaries in book owning (not to be confused with book OWNAGE)
1. Do I have to count the book propping up my air conditioner as one that I own, because technically I still own it? (What? I didn't have any 2x4s lying around the house.)
2. I just deleted some files off my Kindle -- some stuff for free, and one book I bought (O: A PRESIDENTIAL NOVEL; I paid for it, but you shouldn't). Do these count the same as shedding volumes? Are they less urgent since I wasn't running out of room? Am I desperately searching for a Three-Fifths Compromise joke here? (Maybe, probably, and yes-but-there-is-none.) Edit: I went back and added those books just as I would normal books. Mission Accomplished!


Wade Garrett said...

I would say that the electronic books count. I recognize that the purpose of unbookening is to cut down on clutter, and a stocked Kindle takes up just as much space as an empty Kindle, but the bigger idea is that its a good habit to cull your collection for books you don't plan to re-read and/or give to someone else. Its probably good to keep your Kindle collection lean, just so you stay in practice.

Ellen said...

Also, firstiest worldest problem ever. : (