08 June 2011

The other thing I learned from "Midnight In Paris"

S/he who has read the 2-volume biography, has the last word. I think I've only read two of them in my life, but when Gil (Owen Wilson) claims to have read one of Rodin in order to shut up Michael Sheen's pedantic, mansplainy Paul, I felt a shock of vicarious vindication for him. So many Pauls are not so easily put off.

My collection of 2-volume biographies consists of Edward Mendelson's EARLY AUDEN and LATER AUDEN and Peter Guralnick's LAST TRAIN TO MEMPHIS (soon to be adapted?) and CARELESS LOVE, about Elvis Presley. Neither has allowed me to settle any scores, but I'm young still. If you'd like to fill the brag box with people you've actually read a 2-volume biography of (or more, if you're one of those waiting for Robert Caro to finish his LBJ opus), please feel free.

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