02 June 2011

New York Times discovers ghostwriters

So cute, like they just grew up! I think someone's about to get in trouble for this, though:

"[Nicole] Richie [former reality-TV show star, child of famous person Lionel Richie] promoted her second novel, PRICELESS in an interview last year with USA Today, describing her writing routine: write early in the morning, before the rest of her family wakes up. 'I write all my own stories,' she said.

But Ms. Richie’s publisher, Judith Curr of Atria Books, indicated otherwise, saying that a ghostwriter did most of the writing of Ms. Richie’s book. (Ms. Richie did not respond to a request for comment.)"
Burned by your own publisher!

Also, and just because it's the only one of these books I have read personally: Whoever ghostwrote L.A. CANDY should (have) be(en) fired. For about two chapters it looked as if it would be kind of subversive and present a kind of nested meta-commentary, but alas -- it was so boring, and not just in a "YA book not normally to my taste" way. It was just dull. I don't feel ashamed about starting this book, but I should not have bothered to finish. Ohhh, now the healing can begin.

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