17 June 2011

Spotted on the subway: What's my prize?

Woman reading DECISION POINTS! Woman reading DECISION POINTS! (This was on the downtown 6 tonight, in case any of you New Yorkers want to update your location-based stereotypes.)


Elizabeth said...

The man who sat next to me on the plane a week ago was reading DECISION POINTS. (It was a BWI-->FLL Southwest flight, in case you're taking demographics.)

Ellen said...

I've seen people reading it on planes and in airports as well, although I would have to dig around for the specific data points. My grandfather got TWO copies last Christmas. (I guess I have to exclude that because it isn't a random sighting.)

I'd be more surprised to see someone reading GOING ROGUE out here, which I haven't seen yet (although someone I know did -- and the window has probably passed.