17 June 2011

Filmbook for Friday: "Moneyball" trailer

(If this doesn't render right, here's the direct link.)

First thoughts:
1. I humbly request every movie with Philip Seymour Hoffman in it include a title card reading "A Philip Seymour Hoffman Joint," just for maximum delight.
2. Brad Pitt seems to be going down that George Clooney path of picking roles above his actual acting ability... and I'm okay with that. (I say this without having seen "Tree of Life," although going to rectify that one soon. Also, I believe it was Filmspotting that first put forth that theory re. Clooney, although I can't remember when and which host.) He'll always be Chad to me.
3. This book is 2 years behind Michael Lewis' other adapted project, THE BLIND SIDE, but seems to be going for the same market? Jonah Hill looks very uncomfortable doing that. (But funny.)
4. Speaking of Hill, his role was originally to be played by Demetri Martin. What a spectrum of men those two encompass. Oh, and in case you didn't keep up with all the director changes, behind the camera here is not Steven Soderbergh but rather Bennett Miller ("Capote," another Philip Seymour Hoffman Joint).
5. When Pitt tells his kid not to read the Internet... o hai Sorkin!

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