11 June 2011

Reading on the Road: Just Like In "Bridesmaids" Only Completely Different

Bachelorette parties: Special!

Books you started weeks or months ago and have been pushing around subject to deadline-oriented material ever since: Not special, but bound to entertain on the bus ride. (While I love the train and like to fly, Bolt Bus has not treated me wrong yet.)

I'm taking Vera Brittain's so far excellent memoir TESTAMENT OF YOUTH, which I bought and started back in October (?!?!?), and John O'Hara's novel A RAGE TO LIVE, which I think I started about a month ago. Maybe another book? Should I? ...Ah, the pre-trip waver, how well I know ye.

This isn't actually my edition of A RAGE TO LIVE -- mine's an ancient paperback I snagged off Bookmooch a long time ago, but I like the look of it.

So, what kinds of parties are you going to this weekend?

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