21 June 2011

Need something to listen to? An interview with Neil Gaiman is streaming right here right now (I think until 5PM). They're just talking about Amanda Palmer now so you didn't miss anything (eyeroll). Kurt Andersen, the interviewer just dropped the adjective "Pynchonian" (long o, like oh).

Also, I forgot Gaiman was British, because I am a total failure as a human being.

Edit 4:24PM So far, 1 Salman Rushdie fatwa joke, a cloud of "maybes" around the AMERICAN GODS sequel, and... Is Tolkien pronounced as "TolkEEN"? 


Elizabeth said...

That's ok; he lives in Wisconsin now. I think that makes him American.

Ellen said...

But he always says he's "from the Minneapolis area," which is kind of like us saying we grew up in the Chicago area.