15 July 2011

"I read all seven Potter books and they were AWESOME. You read those books and you spend days and weeks and months at a time picturing yourself as a wizard... That's all you can really ask from a story: that it gets deep into your brain and creates a whole new place for you to reside in. I loved most everything about those books. And if I were younger, I bet I'd have loved them even more.
"The movies are something of a different animal. I've seen the first seven movies (my favorite was the fifth, which is weird for me because that was my least favorite book in the series), and the movies, for me, were really just two-hour reminders of the shit I read in the books. Oh, right! [EDIT: Spoiler.] Luna Lovegood's dad totally sells out Harry, Ron and Hermione! I had completely forgotten that shit. Thanks, movie-length visual recap!
"But that's because, again, I'm old. Because I'm old, I brought all my prejudices into those movies (They won't be as good as the books, Chris Columbus was the shitheel hack who made Stepmom and Bicentennial Man, etc.). If you were twelve or thirteen when the first Potter movie came out, you probably didn't care about any of that. All you cared about was HOLY SHIT! IT'S THE HARRY POTTER MOVIE! That pure youthful joy was still there. It hadn't been ruined for you yet by reading horrible baseball columns about pure youthful joy. So the movies were gonna be better for you. And as you get older, very little else will manage to stack up, if anything."
--Drew Magary (who, believe it or not, has a novel coming out later this summer) on the HARRY POTTER series whose final movie installment, "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Part 2)," opens today. Of course I'm going, but I don't expect to have the same depth of feeling as I did reading the last book because, like Magary, I am also old.

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Elizabeth said...

Yeah, "depth of feeling" is a phrase I would never use with HARRY POTTER, in a large part because I'm old (specifically, old enough to have read other books about wizards before HARRY POTTER showed up).