01 July 2011

Reading on the Road: "Is it the Fourth?"

Well, no, TJ, and thanks for reminding.

These past weeks have just been one long road to Suckville over here, so I didn't even try to pack light this weekend. I no longer care about whether my plane is going to make weight or how irritated my seatmates will feel. I'm taking two hardcovers (review) and my Kindle (so I can finish some half-begun books like Courtney Sullivan's MAINE and Bella Pollen's THE SUMMER OF THE BEAR) because I just don't have the energy to decide. If previous holiday weekends are to set the tone, I'll probably have plenty of time to get to each as I am slow-roasting in my parents' backyard. (For best results, turn every half-hour.)

I'm also packing my copy of 2666, because it looks like single-book book club is really going to happen this summer. I plan to propose in the first order that we give the club a catchy name, like The Future Or Bust. That's probably the point at which I am voted out of single-book book club. Que sera, sera. 

What are you reading this weekend?


Anonymous said...

I think I'll start The Radleys. ~Jen

Elizabeth said...

I'm going to throw myself at the mercy of the Enoch Pratt Free Library and beg them to allow me to renew ATLAS SHRUGGED yet again. Come on, it's more than a thousand pages!

Wade Garrett said...

My vacation list includes Ball Four (3/4 finished), When Wr Were Orphans, The Last Fine Time, One Hundred Years of Soitude, and 2666. After I get back to New York, I plan to get into some fantasy books, like The Magicians and A Game of Thrones.