22 July 2011

True reader confession

I went on a book-acquiring bender this week and it was awesome, but slightly distracting to the rest of my life. When you start wishing for train delays on hundred-degree days...

On the other hand I introduced an acquaintance who has lived here for several years to Housing Works, and that has to be worth a few karma points.


Wade Garrett said...

Titles? Titles!!

Ellen said...

Well if you insist...

On Monday I got some review books in the mail, Tom Scocca's BEIJING WELCOMES YOU and Anita Desai's THE ARTIST OF DISAPPEARANCE.
On Tuesday I went to Housing Works hunting for my book club book, ISHMAEL, and didn't find it but walked out with a Thornton Wilder novel I had never heard of called THEOPHILUS NORTH and Drew Magary's THE POSTMORTAL nabbed from the galley section.
On Wednesday I returned some library books, but out on display were two books I had been meaning to read anyway, Richard Russo's THAT OLD CAPE MAGIC and Tom Perrotta's BAD HAIRCUT. That's also the day I won a free copy of CATCH-22.
Then yesterday I finally found ISHMAEL at the Strand, which I didn't want to buy because I already have a copy at my parents' but forgot to look for it when I was there.

I have a problem. : /