19 July 2011

Modern Library Annual Suggestion Box

Last time I called for suggestions on what to read next on the Modern Library list, these were the books you recommended:

  • Robert Graves, I, CLAUDIUS
  • E.M. Forster, A PASSAGE TO INDIA
  • Joseph Heller, CATCH-22
  • Salman Rushdie, MIDNIGHT'S CHILDREN
  • John Fowles, THE MAGUS
  • Vladimir Nabokov, PALE FIRE
  • Anthony Powell, A DANCE TO THE MUSIC OF TIME (series) (...fall project? winter?) 
  • Virginia Woolf, TO THE LIGHTHOUSE

I haven't read any of those yet, but if there's another one that you think I should accelerate that's not up there, I would love your suggestions.

Here's the complete list and here's the list with the ones I've read crossed out. (Read all the things!!!)


Wade Garrett said...

Midnight's Children is one of my favorite novels. I haven't read Catch-22 since high school, but it blew me away at the time, and I am probably due for a re-read. I, Claudius is on my bookshelf, if you'd like to do a group-read after we wrap up 2666.

Ellen said...

I had a copy of I, CLAUDIUS somewhere... I may have jettisoned it while moving, but it would be easy enough to replace.

Oddly enough I just read yesterday that McNally Jackson is starting its own book clubbish venture (although they don't call it that) and the first book they want to feature is CATCH-22.

Wade Garrett said...

I like that you've adopted "Read ALL the things!"

Catch-22 is a quick read, despite its length. I think that, because it has influenced other writers for almost fifty years, and so, through no fault of its own it may seem less original than it was when it was released. But its still definitely worth reading.

Ellen said...

I should give catchphrase credit though. Fixed that. If Allie Brosh came after me for royalties I would be in big trouble.

Anonymous said...

Sophie's Choice! ~Jen