05 July 2011

Spotted on the peoplemover

When I'm looking at other people's books, it's not a prestige game.
Really! I may be judging but I'm not competing, exactly. I like to see
what's out there. I'm not judging against me (normally because if I'm
looking, I'm not reading myself, for whatever reason).

...But if I did play it that way, I would have been bested on my
flight tonight. Two brunettes in the second row of the plane, one
reading FREEDOM (I would say "in hardcover" but it isn't in paperback
yet, so that's redundant), the other with Frank Bruni's BORN ROUND
face-up on her iPad. Both great choices.

My middle seatmate is one of the last to board: 19 or 20, black curly
hair, black T-shirt, black jeans, traveling with a guy who I realize
on deplaning is probably his father. (Before all I could see was his
plaid shirt, and it was an ambiguous plaid. Dad-or-hipster plaid.)
Before takeoff he fidgets with an iPod Nano, one of the newish square
ones, then pockets it and takes out ULYSSES. In hardcover. He even
took the jacket off. Kids these days!

He broke from its spell only to explain the merits of Aftereffects Pro
versus Photoshop to his probable-dad. Well played my friend.


Ellen said...

I know the carriage returns on this post are all messed up, causing it to appear in some lights as a prose poem. But I'm not changing it 'cause it looks kind of cool! Just call it my America, Fuck Yeah hangover.

Wade Garrett said...

Admit it, the curly-haird guy was kind of hot, wasn't he?

Ellen said...

I don't know. I didn't get a really good look at him.