13 July 2011

Like I said I would

Well, this was fun.

Just as I got back to civilization Laura Miller wrote this great piece on reading vacations: "The ideal reading retreat to my mind would involve four or five friends renting a big country house for a long weekend (at least three full days). They ought to be people who know each other well enough that they won't be tempted to spend all their time either getting acquainted or catching up. Everyone agrees that the rooms with the comfiest chairs are strict quiet zones. Everyone takes turns cooking meals. And everyone reads whatever they want, because trying to get four people to agree on a single book on top of all the above conditions is asking too much of the gods."

Sounds dreamy. Someone write me a grant so a well-meaning organization can shower the necessary funds on me to make this happen. (I'm guessing a Kickstarter account will not find much of a sympathetic audience.)


Elizabeth said...

Come to my house. I'll cook you meals while you read.

Ellen said...

But what about your reading time? I'm sure your cooking is superlative, though. My game plan in the event would be to just throw together some pasta salads and and call it a day.

Shala said...

Before we had kids, my husband and I would carry books around with us on everywhere on our vacations in case of reading. We would set aside specific afternoons for reading dates, as no vacation is complete without an episode of reading in the sun with your feet propped up and a milkshake at your elbow.

Until our 4 year old daughter learns to read for herself, I'm afraid our family vacations will remain too frenetic to allow for reading to break out (at least while she's awake). But I live in hope. Conveniently, the Kindle & Kobo apps for the iPhone mean that I'm always prepared.

Wade Garrett said...

I'm in. Let's chip in and rent a cottage upstate sometime soon.