30 July 2011

"Summer is for paperbacks. Toss them in a bike basket, read them in the pool (iPads don't like water) or leave them at the cottage for next year's readers."
Oprah.com is on the vacation reading bandwagon with this list of paperbacks perfect to take out this summer, including a contribution by my friend Ruth Baron. (Arguably I'd replace SUPER SAD TRUE LOVE STORY with, hmm, maybe THE THOUSAND AUTUMNS OF JACOB DE ZOET [out in paperback this summer!!]. Otherwise, no complaints.) And as someone pointed out on Twitter, they never overheat in direct sunlight like electronics might. So where are we on that cabin-getaway-weekend, folks? I think it's hot enough.


Wade Garrett said...

I'm all for it. Maybe somewhere upstate?

Ellen said...

Relatively close would be good (less travel time). Also (since you're humoring me) quiet, pretty but not distractingly so, not too expensive. And a pool would be nice.

Elizabeth said...

I have a guest room, with air-conditioning. No pool, though. And the city's been cutting back pretty drastically on the city pools, so no promises there.