06 October 2009

Scene from a library queue

As of this morning:

Note: There is debate whether the above proves that the library hates geeks or nerds, and having been subjected to several other pilots in the past few weeks, I can confidently say that "Eastwick" was not the worst.


Wade Garrett said...

Had I know you wanted to read Oryx & Crake, I would have lent you my copy, so you didn't have to wait behind 10 other people!

8yearoldsdude said...

while the boston office may lack the celebrity sightings, arts and culture, and general cache of the new york flagship, we never wait like that for library books.

you have our sympathies.

Ellen said...

Oh, I don't mind the wait. It's annoying if I need one particular book in a hurry, but it's not as if I lack for reading material (she understated).

Before I moved to New York I lived in a small town with a disproportionately fantastic library; on the slim chance I couldn't just walk in and get the new book I wanted, I could file a request and a librarian would personally call me when it came in. I had a lot of time to observe this system because it distracted me from the feeling that I had been buried alive.