30 November 2008

Unbookening in the New York Times

They don't use the term, but that's exactly what "The Well-Tended Bookshelf" is about, is it not? 
Dr. Johnson once said of second marriages that they represent the triumph of hope over experience. So, too, do my bookshelves. I have turned out to be less rational about this than I thought, and have made my library into a charm against mortality. As long as I have a few unread books beckoning to me from across the room, I tell myself I can always find a little more time.
Just to be contrarian, here are some decorating tricks for if you don't have enough books: 
  • Check out a bunch of books from the library to fill up your shelves. Even if you don't end up reading all of them, at least there will be something there. 
  • At a conference or multi-week temporary housing? Borrow a book from your neighbor. It's also a great way to make friends, even if you disagree on the book itself. 
  • For those with too much wall space: Blik's Me, Myshelf and I gives the appearance of those graceful floating bookshelves apartment dwellers can't put up. 

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