18 November 2008

Unbookening update

(Really more for my benefit than yours. Carry on.)

I've been a Bookmooching fiend this month -- and it's awesome. I'm nowhere near my Aunt Trish's mooch ratio (she's given 2.63 books for each book received -- me, a measly 1.56 books) but I've given away 10 books and I expect the trend to continue. As of today, I have the same amount of books out as in, which isn't bad. I attribute this to a half hour's sorting and searching this weekend where I pulled some things I wasn't looking forward to reading right away which, thus, could be given away without me really missing them.

It's funny because I don't have a particular numeric goal in mind as far as books to give away, but I do have a goal in mind: I want all my books in my apartment to fit into my two (huge) bookshelves. They used to; they don't now. I remember one year my parents decided I could only have 100 books in my room, and once we started counting... there were way more than that. Needless to say they never carried through with the crackdown, which makes it sort of odd that I'm doing the same thing to myself. Still, I don't have room for another bookshelf unless I colonize the hallway, and I'd rather not colonize the hallway.

Last 5 books I gave away on Bookmooch:
  1. David Gilbert, THE NORMALS -- Read 10 pages, wasn't drawn in.
  2. FRUGAL INDULGENTS -- because what's more frugal than getting a free book?
  3. Chris Bohjalian, SKELETONS AT THE FEAST -- I've heard great things about this book, but I'm not going to get to it any time soon. Since I haven't read any of his other books, I can wait to read this one.
  4. Danny Wallace, YES MAN -- A book I'm covering for EDGE New York which cheered me greatly but which I can't see myself really wanting to read again. (Though I am sorely tempted to see its film adaptation, which will probably be a cheesefest with extra cheese.)
  5. Robert Lanham, FOOD COURT DRUIDS, CHEROHONKEES AND OTHER CREATURES UNIQUE TO THE REPUBLIC -- I loved Lanham's subway story, but this book was more like an encyclopedia of types (i.e. Lieberals, people afraid to admit they are trending conservative, or Hexpatriates, Americans who act foreign but never bother to leave the country). It was fun for one read but I didn't feel the need to hold onto it.
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