22 November 2008

Reading on the Road: San Francisco, CA Part I

In the few times I've visited the Bay Area I have yet to get a grip on San Francisco as a whole city. That's not its fault; I just haven't had time to walk through it and piece the different areas I know together. Get the full tourist experience, I'm saying. In any case, I probably won't have any better idea once I've returned from my two (2) trips to the greater Bay Area that are coming up, but there's always hope.

In my efforts to carry back as little as possible, for Trip No. 1 I've picked mostly paperbacks which I wouldn't necessarily have to bring back with me:
  • John Fante, ASK THE DUST. I can't for the life of me remember where I read about this Depression-era novel about a writer, but I popped it on my Bookmooch wish list and eventually was rewarded.
  • Eugenie Olson, LOVE IN THE TIME OF TAFFETA. I love punny titles; also books that look like chick lit but are supposedly much more. (I'll be the judge of that, she crowed.)
  • John O'Hara, APPOINTMENT IN SAMARRA -- part of my long-mothballed Modern Library project.
  • Sandra Jean Scofield, OCCASIONS OF SIN, a memoir of growing up Catholic in 1950s West Texas.
  • William Conescu, BEING WRITTEN. This one I actually can't leave behind because I got it from the library, but this metafictional debut caught my eye and I'm looking forward to digging into it.
Will my light luggage strategy prevail, or will I end up breaking down on the way back and buying the much buzzed Roberto BolaƱo novel because I have nothing to read? (As if that would be so bad...) Part II shall reveal all.

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