12 November 2008

Talk of the Town Today!

What kind of -tarian are you?
Tune in to hear my conversation with Dawn Jackson Blatner, author of THE FLEXITARIAN DIET, tonight!
Afterwards, surf over to my page on ParkerSunshine.com and read my review.

7PM EDT (4PM PDT, 2PM Anna Time because Hawaii has no Daylight Savings Time)
WEBR for D.C./Virginia/ Maryland locals (available through your TV)
Everyone else: Tune in here!

This month's book was provided by the folks at McGraw Hill, to whom I reached out after reading about the book on an unaffiliated site and thinking it would be an interesting topic for "Talk of the Town." They gave me the book, no strings attached, and connected me with Ms. Jackson Blatner, so thanks, guys! And that's how your sausage gets made.

1 comment:

ap said...

Yah, Hawaii's special like that. I'll be tuning in. Sounds like an interesting book.