01 December 2008

California, here we come again

Number of books read between Nov. 22 and 30 (trips I and II): 6.
Books read on airplanes: 4.
Books read while sitting on a balcony overlooking the ocean and listening to a bagpiper play: 1. Leave your hate mail in the comments!

Number of bookstores visited: 2; Compass Books in San Francisco Airport and [warning! site plays music automatically!] Moon News Bookstore in Half Moon Bay, CA.
Books purchased on the trip: 1, at Compass Books.
Books given on the trip: 1, being FACTORY GIRLS which my mom just read and said was one of the best books she'd read in years.
Books given away: 1, my copy of THE AUDACITY OF HOPE to my sister.
Books left in transit on purpose: 2.

Library books waiting for me on hold at my local branch: 4.
Unpacked bags sitting on my floor: 2. (I'm not jet lagged in the classic sense, just need to make up for last night's packing-palooza.)

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