11 November 2008

5 Titles For Academic Papers On The President-Elect's Favorite Book

"His favourite book is Moby-Dick by Herman Melville"
-Telegraph, "Barack Obama: The 50 facts you might not know"

1. QUEEQUEG DECIDES TO LIVE: Canoe-Shaped Coffins And The Resurrection Of The Democratic Party
2. STARBUCK'S LOYALTY: The Packaging Of The Postmodern Candidate And The Cost Of Party Allegiance
3. THE WHITENESS OF THE WHALE: Racial Constructions And Perceived Difference In Melville And The 2008 Election
4. CAPTAIN AHAB'S MISSING LIMB: The Youth Vote And Popular Opinion Gives Pollsters No Leg To Stand On
5. CALL ME HUSSEIN: Sociological Questions Arising From Given Names For Whalers And Senators

Elsewhere: New Yorker editor David Remnick recommends some books for the President-Elect.

MOBY-DICK, previously:
Great Books? Well, some of them are just OK.
Summer reading inspiration?

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Marjorie said...

His favorite book is seriously Moby-Dick? I should tell my high school English teacher. He'd probably faint with joy.