03 November 2008

Discover the bookstore that isn't!

I'm a Time Out NY subscriber, but it's hard not to mock their article on why you should use the New York Public Library. All the points they make are great -- they even tout the online request system I've crowed about -- but calling it "the cheapest bookstore" just reminds me of this FAILblog item. Still, the library is a great resource... if only hipsters could figure it out by themselves.

(I was holding my breath waiting for TONY to name-check my personal "coolest branch," but they didn't.)


Amanda said...

Hahaha...those are great! Wait, what's your favorite NYPL branch? I just read some of your past NYPL and library blog posts and I agree...EBooks are a pain in the butt to download...at first. After the initial first set-up, future downloads are pretty easy. I also can put more than one computer on my Adobe account so I can read the same EBook on more than one computer which is cool.

Ellen said...

Amanda: I'm mostly kidding about my favorite branch -- I haven't visited enough of them to know. The last one I saw that really wowed me though was the Mulberry St. branch. Completely suits the neighborhood (says me, person who does not live in that nabe!) and it's beautiful inside. Go check it out.