10 May 2011

Your Assistance, Please: "But I was at the keyboard the whole time!"

What's your favorite method of writerly procrastination? What is your position of last resort when you're down to the wire and you have to get something finished, but once you have your hands on the keys, instead you're...

I'll tell you mine even though it's kind of gross. It's a habit I've carried with me since college, before YouTube was even a twinkle in Steve Chen and Chad Hurley's eyes. (Uh... anyway.) When push comes to shove you'll often find me cleaning underneath the keys in my keyboard. Have you seen the stuff that lurks under there? Unspeakable. Back in college I had a PC whose keys I could pop off one by one to clean, before I spilled coffee on it (I could star in a PSA about what not to do with your laptop) and had to get that keyboard swapped out.

I'll be back when I'm done with my cleaning I MEAN writing.

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