17 May 2011

The Someone-Help in action: Sloane Crosley, an author we otherwise like, writing for the Independent about how she's trying a $65-a-day juice cleanse even though she "fits easily through the average hallway," after a paragraph about how hard it is for women to go on a diet publicly. (What?) If you do not fit through the average hallway, this blog suggests you call 911, not purchase expensive articles of junk science.


jess s said...

I do not like her. This "juice cleanse" / "diet" nonsense does not change my opinion on her. In fact, it reinforces my distaste.

Wade Garrett said...

I think she actually makes fun of juice diets in I Was Told There'd Be Cake. I believe it is in the essay about being a bridesmaid for a woman with whom she hasn't kept in touch since high school.