22 May 2011

"I woke up at 8 for some reason and drank yesterday's leftover iced coffee in my pajamas while eluding the Times paywall."

The New York Times' Sunday Routine feature profiles Gary Shteyngart this week, and I'm surprised they got him to go so straight in the telling. From when I've seen him at the Brooklyn Book Festival and elsewhere, his answers tend to be rooted in truth but grow in the direction of absurdity. (At least 71 Irving Place, Xi'an and Porchetta, I have heard of before.) And are the staged pictures often included in this feature not inherently hilarious? Then again, the entire feature is something of a staged one, even as I enjoy it in that format.

(Oh hey, you're still here! ...Well... it's okay, so am I.)

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Wade Garrett said...

I enjoyed that profile. The staged photographs seem to be more in keeping with his personality than just about any 'candid' picture could have been.