19 May 2011

Unhurt of head, unqueasy of stomach

Whoever sent this to me:

I hope you think you're really funny, 'cause you are. Clearly you understood my cooking inabilities (Bittman vs. Crawford cook-off???) This cover design is fairly brilliant.

Apparently there is a thriving market for hangover books out there:


Always popping up on the Staff Recommends shelf at one of my local bookstores. Cult author.
(Not a self-portrait.)

Those are the fakest looking designer martinis I have ever seen. Is that JELL-O?

Probably no physical cures in this one.

Screams "Future Joke Gift." For a man.

Interestingly, while trying to pull an image for this novel I discovered there are many recipes for a dish called "Hangover Soup." This is a cooking stunt I would not attempt, although I had a roommate for a while who would come home and make soup while drunk. Never injured himself either. (People you meet on Craigslist!) 

This isn't even a book, I'm just including it 'cause it's creepy.

This concludes Hangover Look Book '11. Cheer up, it's almost 5:00 in Rio. 

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