27 May 2011

Reading On The Road: In Deo Speramus

I haven't written one of these in a while because it hardly seems worth it for short trips, and most of what I've been taking have been short trips. I will try to write some more this summer with all the fun traveling (sincerely!) that that entails.

This weekend, I'm off to my college reunion for four days of reminiscence and pointing to random buildings and saying "When did that get here?!" Having not set foot on campus since the day I moved out of dorms, I'm backlogged in both those activities, although I have lately been reading the college daily newspaper I used to work for to get myself up to speed. It's (still) spectacular.

Besides catching up on some reviewing I am looking forward to digging into two memoirs, Jon-Jon Goulian's THE MAN IN THE GRAY FLANNEL SKIRT (publishing, New York City) and Carolyn Weber's SURPRISED BY OXFORD (religion, philosophy). Sadly, in my four years on campus we lost the nearby independent bookstore -- last I knew it was a vaguely Indian clothing store? -- but there's always the ol' campus shop.


miss drama said...

i was shocked by the new Blue Room when i was back on campus this weekend. it was so different!

Ellen said...

Right?! It looks stunning now, but it'll always be Faunce to me.

I hope you had a good visit back -- mine was spectacular.